Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Playing Games for Cash - It's a Real Job!

Being a beta game tester can be truly great, especially for someone whose life "revolves" around video games. Not only do you get to play some of the coolest new games before your friends and the rest of the world, you get PAID to do so!

How Much a Video Game Beta Tester is Paid

You can expect a starting wage of around $8-$10 per hour. As you work for more developers and get more experience, that amount will likely go up. Will it go up to $120 per hour as stated by those ads you've seen? Probably not, unfortunately. However, your "salary" can indeed reach the $25-$35 per hour mark when you become a fast beta game tester.

Another big thing to remember is that many beta game testing jobs are on a "per assignment" basis rather than hourly pay. That said, if the game testing assignment paid $400 and you were to complete it in about 8 hours time, you'd be making a whopping $50 per hour!

Generally speaking, the faster you are at beta game testing, the more money you'll make. On the flip side, if your speed comes at the price of quality, then it does you NO good.

Be Ready to Work

Being a beta game tester means doing actual work; not just sitting there drinking cola and playing cool video games. You'll not only have to play games you dislike again & again, you're going to also have to fill out bug and glitch reports on those games too. If you're not prepared to do this necessary evil, then you can NOT be a paid beta game tester.

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